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A group of soccer moms who can talk about nothing besides their kids, their kid's teacher, their kid's father, their kid's diaper rash, their kid's schedule. They are also fiercely competitive over who is the best mother and whose kid is the best. They are usually white, wealthy, suburban, and BORING! They can also be catty, bitchy, passive-aggressive, and BORING!
Lines you will hear between members of the mommy mafia:
Pat - "Katie is the smartest in her class."
Sue - "Well Timmy was voted most popular by his teacher."
Jan - "Bob just got a promotion so I'm taking the kids to Disney."
ME - "You're all BORING! What am I doing here?"
by Lovebug11768 January 10, 2007
The politically correct term for a cat.
"Lulu is NOT a cat! She is a feline-american with rights!
by lovebug11768 October 19, 2006
The politically correct term for a dog
"Fido is NOT a dog! He is a canine-american with rights!
by lovebug11768 October 19, 2006
A suburban, white guy, usually over the age of 30, who lives in a basement apartment. He doesn't have a steady job, can't get a date, and listens to 80's power ballads on his stereo while cooking mac and cheese on a hot plate. Throw a mullet haircut and a possible substance abuse problem and you get the picture. This dude this also known as a basement dweller.
Jack Martin was a typical cellar dweller - no girl, no money, no job, no ambition - just his basement apartment which smelled like mildew, cigarette smoke, and semen.
by lovebug11768 July 16, 2006

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