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1 definition by loveanonymous

A nickname within a nickname.

-Usually an undercover agent of some sort, found carrying a weapon of destruction, defense, or convenience.
-Likes words with silent letters, also loves confusing people.
-Thinks quickly, almost too quick to follow.
-Extremely intelligent, loving, high-tempered, but a hell of a best friend.
-Easy to trust, very dependable.
-Tall, attractive, and often hard to get.
Sally: "Who was that chick you were talking to back there?"

Tom: "I don't know, but god, she was one smoking Flo!"

Sally: "What?"

Tom: "I couldn't follow anything she was saying, probably because I was lost in her beauty..."

Sally: "Are you okay? That was really corny by the way"
by loveanonymous August 27, 2009