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a game in which players hold up all ten of their fingers. the first player then says something that he/she has never done, such as "i have never...eaten lemon meringue pie." then, all of the players who HAVE eaten lemon meringue pie put down one of their fingers. play continues until everyone is out of fingers.
"we played a totally awesome game of ten fingers yesterday at a party."
#truth or dare #party #games #never have i ever #lemon meringue pie
by love me i'm a liberal March 17, 2007
when the fortune is read, the words "in bed" are added to the end. this makes for extrememly amusing results.
"my friends and i love playing the fortune cookie game...once, i got a fortune that said 'don't panic...in bed.'"
#in bed #restaurant #fortune #cookie #amusing
by love me i'm a liberal March 17, 2007
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