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2 definitions by loudog413

A roudy hoodrat thug who consumes large amounts of alcohol then goes out into the night while fucking bitches and getting money.
nigger 1 "damn son i was bein a trolf hardcore last when i fucked yo momma in the kfc bathroom"

nigger 2 " nigga fuck you"
by loudog413 September 22, 2010
22 6
the act of eating spicy primarily Italian foods such as buffalo wings, lots of chicken parm or anything with pepperoni then taking a shit and upon exit the tasty medditeranian spices flood your asshole causing a sharp burning sensation which causes the victim to walk around with spread legs and a slightly gaped butthole to avoid painful friction
Louie: hey Mr. Formaggioni i just ate a 16 inch cold cut grinder with exra pepperoni from milano's do you think ill get chimpanzee ass

Mr. Formaggioni: ooo lou you shouldn't have done that your ass is gonna be burning like a rich lazy jew
by loudog413 November 29, 2010
2 1