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Town located just east of Raleigh NC along US-64. known by most in the area as the shittiest place on earth. populated by gangster mexicans from east LA and country gangsters (black people from towns east who try to be gangster, but can't get past the accent.)

Also used to describe something extremly ghetto, run-down or broke.

Also used as an insult to anyone not from Knightdale.1
Stay out of KNIGHTDALE!

Yo, that car is KNIGHTDALE as hell!

Yo mama is so damn KNIGHTDALE!
by los-er July 29, 2006
Town located just south of Raleigh NC. Populated by former graduates of Garner Senior High School who while in school played football or was a cheerleader and did nothing with their lives. Also filled with lots of New Yorkers who tried to escape shitty lives up north and found the same shit here. ghetto broads and fake gangsters either walk or ride around in their mother's Camery's. It is ranked 3RD in shittyness behind 2.Clayton and 1.KNIGHTDALE!!.
Yo, don't mess with Krys! she's from G-Town!

Let's go get some herb from G-Town!

Meet me in G-Town!
by los-er July 29, 2006

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