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An ungodly hour of the night. Generally considered to be between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM, or whenever one would not want to be woken up.
What the hell are you calling me for, it's douche o'clock in the morning!
by lorem ipsum December 07, 2009
noun: someone with no particular skill.
The phrase appears in the movie Tropic Thunder, when the character Les Grossman (played by Tom Cruise) tells a studio executive "A nutless monkey could do your job."
by Lorem Ipsum December 04, 2013
A type of lighting fixture commonly used in dance and theatrical performances. It is mounted on the ground and at just the right height to crack your shin into, hence the name.
Jim totally got creamed by that shinbuster during last night's rehearsal.
by lorem ipsum December 07, 2009

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