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3 definitions by lorelei

someone who likes to cuddle excessively I.E. cuddle-able
"im such a cuddle slut!"
by Lorelei February 23, 2005
n. A commitment phobic playa (def. 2), specifically one who suckers a Lisa into thinking he is into them by hanging out with them all day (typically on weekdays since he’s often a scrub def. 1). He may get the girl to pay for stuff based on some hard luck story (for example, his car was towed) and then never calls or offers to return the favor. A sachin’, however, will do things to continue to make it seem like he’s interested, but nothing that could smack of commitment. For example, a sachin’ will hang on to a piece of clothing as a means of forcing the woman to schedule another meeting to reclaim her stuff or call on New Year’s Day to say hi and tell her what a great time he had NYE.
Girl 1: Hey, did you ever get your hat back?
Girl 2: Yeah, and then he gave me a card. What do you think?
Girl 1: I think he's a sachin’ -- don't fall for it.
He’s such a sachin’.
by lorelei January 04, 2005
Very cool
"Man, that party last night was hella gingabreak."
by Lorelei September 28, 2003