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Corporate Toilet Paper (CTP) - An employee that is irreplaceable, always in demand, impossible to do without, and required by every single other person at work, but is universally looked down upon and has all of the business 'crap' thrust upon them being at a rank too low to refuse it. This person is very intelligent, technical, and often has poor social skills and/or low social standing. A corporate toilet paper is never promoted due to that person's high value in a low position. In many professions this person is female due to a male dominated corporate structure of veiled misogyny.
Mary is this firm's corporate toilet paper. She's the only employee with the skills to handle the difficult 'crap' jobs and they don't promote her because of it. Her boss is an idiot, but he went to college with the president's son.
by Lord Viper Scorpion May 20, 2009
"Lord Viper Scorpion" was a character from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" performed by Tom Johnson in several episodes in the 2000 to 2001 seasons. "Lord Viper Scorpion" was the anonymous self proclaimed Internet expert or hacker that appears onscreen with his face pixelated and altered voice.

A "Lord Viper Scorpion" is a person that hides behind a laughable veneer of pretentious, posturing aggressiveness and claims knowledge or power over others but is really ineffectual and is meek in person.

Don't worry about his threats, he's a "Lord Viper Scorpion".
by lord viper scorpion April 17, 2009
Defenseless prey, victim of a violent crime, target of a planned assassination. The usage is little known outside of Australia.
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Auntie (Tina Turner): First, no one knows you're working for Aunty. You hit him, you go. Second, it's a fair fight. And third, it's to the death.

Mad Max (Mel Gibson): Who's the bunny?
by lord viper scorpion April 17, 2009
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