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1. Intoxicated to the point of incoherence; 2. Belligerent, confused, and hateful; 3. Wandering about in a drunken haze, shouting obscenities, and eventually passing out (and possibly waking up in a post-apocalyptic desert);
"Dude you were BEYOND Thunderdome last night...you jumped over the bar and tried to pour yourself a drink, then you took your shirt off and fought the bartender while screaming "Freeeeedom!"
by ARD113 April 04, 2010
1. Phrase used to describe something that is inappropriate or unwelcome.
2. Phrase used when someone has crossed a line or gone too far
1. Coworker: (Grabs your crotch)

You: "That's more than a little Beyond Thunderdome, hope you like harassment lawsuits."

2. Soon to be Ex-Friend: "Your sister looks hot today"

You: "That's well Beyond Thunderdome you ass."
by The_Naked_Snake August 20, 2014
When a movie or television show goes beyond what the viewer can accept as possible, even in the realm of movie believability, effectively destroying the suspension of disbelief.
The refrigerator scene in Indiana Jones 4 was so beyond thunderdome, I couldn't take the film seriously after.
by aschell August 07, 2014