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its a poker hand, when you get 7 and 5 of the same suit, its called a gurgi.
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: 7c, 5c<------the gurgi
john smith jr folds
Guss raises $1,800
PokerFace_2009 folds
KB Video raises $3,200
Guss calls
Dealing flop: 5d, 5h, 7s<----------gurgi flop
KB Video bets $3,000
Guss calls
Dealing turn: 9h
KB Video checks
Guss checks
Dealing river: Js
KB Video bets $3,000
Guss raises $6,000
KB Video calls
Guss shows 7c, 5c for a full house, fives full of sevens
KB Video shows Jc, As for two pair, Jacks and fives
Guss wins main pot $22,920<-----------gurgi win
Guss wins side pot $990
KB Video stands up
by loooongest pube October 07, 2009
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