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True rap or "real" rap is not the junk you see flooding MTV/VH1/BET all the time. That kind of rap, or "corporate hip-hop" was originally conspired on by the rich white men that control all the major record labels in order to continue controlling violence and hate in the youth of each generation, especially black youth culture. Posers like 50 Cent, The Game, Ja Rule and others who could use their position to rap about anything other than black-on-black and gang violence instead squander their opportunities by creating beefs with other equally untalented poser wannabe artists and carrying guns wherever they go with eighty hangers-on they like to call their entourage. They strive to be "gangsta" but will always be just a bunch of punks with shiny guns who would never even think of settling disputes with their fists like real men, or heaven forbid, talking it out like adults. True rap and hip-hop comes from the soul, expressing feelings and emotions through the beat and heartfelt lyrics that don't encourage the youth of today to join a gang, arm themselves to the teeth, sell and consume as many narcotics as possible, become an alcoholic and abuse every woman you come across. Did Otis Redding ever threaten to do a drive-by on Marvin Gaye? When did Al Green shoot up a night club because Isaac Hayes happened to be there? Never. These jackasses on top of the charts these days only prove that the youth of today is slowly devolving before our very eyes.
MF Doom. Talib Klewell. Mos Def. Tupac. Wu-Tang.

If you want real rap, start there.
by loogenhausen February 21, 2006

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