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3 definitions by longjohnawesome

when something, usually an event or inanimate object, is so awesome, that if it were a living breathing human of your gender of choice, you would make furious love to it.
guy 1: "DUDE! this car is SEXYAWESOME!!"
guy 2: "hell yeah! it's pretty much the megan fox of automobiles"

guy 1: "holy shit! this band is SEXYAWESOME!"
guy 2: "you should hear their new album, it's really hot"
by longjohnawesome June 15, 2010
a very unfortunately named town on the north-east border of france, the name is celtic in origin.
guy 1: "I'm going to visit my cousin in Bagacum this summer"
guy 2: "LOL, incest much?"
by longjohnawesome June 19, 2010
1) the extreme level of not giving a fuck that prolonged exposure to tropical island paradise can cause.

2) a temporary transition to "island time" or a slowing down of thought process caused by prolonged exposure to tropical island paradise.
guy 1: "hey can you help me with the math project?"

guy 2: "sorry bro, i got the island brain goin on"
by longjohnawesome April 25, 2011