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2 definitions by longislandsound

everyone wants to be from brooklyn
LI kid: hey my fam moved out here from the city two generations ago
kid 2: from where?
LI kid: the bron-i mean brooklyn
kid 2: yeah right man you ain't cool enough!
by longislandsound December 23, 2009
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One of three Diocensan high schools on Long Island. Just a block from the Great South Bay, right on Montauk Hwy, in West Islip. St. John's or SJB is a great school with dedicated teachers and kids who love to have a good time. People are nice and its hard to fall through the cracks at this school.

Like most LI school SJB is big on athletics and some favortism can be seen, but not much. Teams like the boys and girls cross country team, boys and girls varsity basketball, badmitton, gymnastics, and boys soccer tend to compete very well within the catholic league and even States. These teams bring pride to the school and student always come out to a home bball or soccer game. the "red sea" and "whitout" are two popular themes to home games and it's truly a sight to behold.

There is also favortism for the exceptional student and you can always tell the AP/Honors kid from the average/"regents" kid. The school is a lot stricter than some other well known Catholic schools-rules which remain from the "drug age", while the student population has gotten better, the rules have not decreased a bit.

The mascot is the Cougar
St john's kids are often seen as stuck up or "elitist" because of the high tuition but the truth is most come from middle to upper-middle class families who sacrifice to send thier kids to SJB.

SJB's biggest rival in most sports is St. Anthony's Friars
sjb kid: you going to the boys game?
kid 2: yeah, you?
sjb kid: yeah we gotta wear red tonight, right?
kid 2: yeahh man!!! the Red Sea's gonna trash those friars!!!

kid1: hey i got in to st anthony's
kid2: suckss for you man!! if you wanna go to college go to St. John the Baptist DHS!!!
by longislandsound December 23, 2009
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