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when your listening to somethign with ear buds or ear phones or something, and you are talking to someone and you practically shout b/c u cant judge your volume

person2: shhh!!!

person1: oh sorry...ear bud volume
by lolzizer May 19, 2009
when as a pit band,or a pit band director (for a musical production of some kinda) you experience an "oh shit!" moment, induced by the realization that you only hav a few weeks left to have professional songs for the howl preformance preformable.
director: and all these songs from act I need to be preformable by thursday

band: oh pitshit!


Director: ok, now i hope you all prcticed your music over the break because we are starting act three...to have all songs preformable by next week

----after a playing runthru----

director: oh pitshit!
by lolzizer February 23, 2009
when you are constantly using slang words, and then you are talking to someone you should show respect to, yet you can't stop yourself from using the slang.
Principal: and the prom will be post-poned

student: dude, that is so unfair!

Principal: dude?

student: sorry, just my slangover
by Lolzizer February 20, 2009

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