13 definitions by lolz

A homo canadian who can only wish he can play TFC.
DoH-MAD-pL sucks ass at TFC, eh?
by lolz March 05, 2003
Vinnie making Churro's.
Vinnie is such a mo facka when he's working at Cart #1.
by lolz April 28, 2004
slayed; in the sense of slaying a vampire
a vamp attacked me but now he's dusted
by LOLZ March 10, 2005
One who is overly obese and does not get enough sleep, usually indicated by bags under their eyes.
The fat is blocking your ears, you stupid bigrichard.
by Lolz September 09, 2004
when someone (ramin) is being a dick or stuborn piece of shit we call them "rondom" (ramin + condom = rondom)
ramin didnt let me borrow a dollar so i exlcaimed "DAMN YOU RONDOM!"
by lolz April 30, 2004
froggy, derek, frosty, rusty
damn, look at froggy pimp w/ his green pimp ass chair!
by LoLz February 21, 2004

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