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1 definition by lolopopop

A very lazy hobo who never gets a life til he's 18. Sucks cock and licks old pussies, very much enjoys orgies. Ejaculates into plastic cups from his shop, and uses bread sticks for pussy-like sex. Is a stripper in World of Warcraft and loves to take off his shirt in the process. Messes up your computer/laptop with his furry/tentacle porn.
"He is such a failure in life, I bet he was a Luke as a teenager!"

Guy 1: Hey I found this laptop at the lunch table.
Guy 2: Really? Lets check out what it has inside.
Guy 1: Hey the most visited site is Tentacle_hentai.net.

Guy 2: Oh it must belong to Luke.
by lolopopop July 04, 2011