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A category of porn in which a man inserts his penis into the behind of a woman.

For some people "Anal Porn" becomes an addiction and people can lose they`re jobs and get expelled from school for masturbating vigorously over public computers(its not they`re fault they cant help it)

Often in anal porn after the scene is over there is something we call a pullout, it is when the penis is removed and because of the penis being jossled around in the asshole it unsettles some poo and when the penis is removed some faecies comes with it, this is very nasty when a camera man is under the pullout, because they can get covered with shit, (much like in "Zack and Miri make a porno" where a camera man is covered in shit and isnt very happy about it)
Davison: i am addicted to anal porn but i much prefer all male casts in my videos.

Me: i like a normal amount of hetrosexual anal porn

Davison: well not everyones perfect (storms off...most likely to watch anal porn).
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by lolDoctor September 05, 2009
A person from northern ireland who uses phrases such as:

'Get her bucked' (GHB)
'Your ma'
'ill do your windies in'
'aye right'
'o right?'
'Fer dig'

Someone who is probably inbred and can be called a 'steak', 'chav', 'spide' etc.

Someone who would go into Belfast to 'Go watch the bands lyk'

If female is likely to have a baby under the age of 15.

someone who does not posess the intelligence to go to theyre own home and feels the need to sit out on the streets with theyre mates and that constitutes for them '' A day out''

You can tell if they are northern irish Scum by:

Their pitifully ugly faces.


Peirced Ear.

A bottle of cheap cider or 'Bucky'
Incomprehensibe speech incorporating huge amounts of slang.

Poor haircuts, with bleached ends, greased fringe.

Ugly cheap gold jewellery

They Seem to loiter in alleys, train stations, street corners outside off licences, maces spars etc,while drinking and throwin abuse at passers by.
Davison: is walking along the road to go to his local shop to pick up some groceries.

Scumbag: Ere son, u got any fegs?(scum talk for ciggarettes)

Davison: No sorry i don`t smoke.

Scumbag: Dont be so cheeky u wee english cunt

Davison runs away like little girl but doesnt get far because of his bad knee and down syndrome.

Scumbag catches up quickly and beats the shit out of Davison...

Above was a typical example of what happens when northern irish scum are on the streets, often in northern irelands scum populated areas such as the shankill.
#chav #steak #yeoooo #get her bucked ragin #lyk #northern ireland #scum #slang #your ma #fight #davison #fegs #ciggerettes #trackies #inbred #bastard
by lolDoctor September 05, 2009
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