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11 definitions by loks

The GIGN is Frances most darkest, elite special-ops team in France. Originally branching from the French Foreign Legion, the GIGN's operatives are skilled in close combat, knife combat, guerilla warfare, urban counterterror, LTL (Less than lethal) combat and airborne assaults.
My cousin is in the GIGN.
by Loks June 26, 2005
A private company consisting of highly-trained soldiers of former military special forces such as British SAS or U.S. Delta Force, that are hired by corporations all over the world to provide VIP protection details and are responsible for foreign intelligence, maritime reconnaissance, and guerilla warfare.
A PMC was deployed to Russia yesterday.
by Loks June 26, 2005
Operation Mongoose was the most famous military operation carried out by Green Berets in Kosovo on March 12, 1999. On the night of March 12, 1999, a Green Beret amazingly assassinated a Serb general with a combat knife. He was awarded the Silver Star Medal for his courage during the operation.
Operation Mongoose is a good, cool op.
by Loks June 26, 2005
The main villain in the first splinter cell for Xbox and PS2. He was the president of the former republic of Georgia before he invaded Azerbaijan and jacked all their oil.
Kombayn is a good man who has strong influential and govenmental success.
by Loks June 26, 2005
Swedish Special Naval Auxiliary force that are charged with protecting and cordoning off Sweden's coastal and littoral zones from enemy amphibious landings and enemy naval attacks. Coastal Rangers are similar to the U.S. Navy SEALs and British SNS (Special Naval Service).
Coastal Rangers are very well trained soldiers.
by Loks June 26, 2005
German Stielhandgranate means "Steel Grenade" in German. Was the most popularized German grenades during WWII. It was equipped with a wooden handle and a metal 'cap' that contained explosives. the handle was built to be thrown farther than the American and British grenades.
A german threw a Stielhandgranate at the American position.
by Loks June 26, 2005
TSDA stands for Training Simulator Datastream Addendum. This communications addendum is widely used by covert operatives around the world. It is able to comprehend 6,500 different language, converting it into the operator's native tongue.
TSDA is a cool gadget.
by Loks June 26, 2005