3 definitions by loki_kewl

the word said when someone does or says something completely, ridiculously stupid, incorrect, or pointles.
someone trips and falls, you say "epic fail"
by loki_kewl May 21, 2009
the technical and politically correct term for any person who is a ginger (red hair), jewish, and from newfoundland (a newfie)
kyle from southpark would be a ginjewfie if he had red hair and if he was from newfoundland
by loki_kewl May 15, 2009
Wobble jogging occurs when an overweight person trys to run and their flab jiggles or wobbles
Look at that guys fat wobble as he chases that cupcake, he must be wobble jogging.
by loki_kewl June 19, 2009

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