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Please, people--chode or choad is a multipurpose word which refers primarily to:

a) A penis which is wider than it is long (it is most certainly anatomically possible, for I have seen one for myself--it is not likely to be a common occurrence, but it certainly exists).

b) A duplicate term for the taint (perineum).

c) A fabulous insult combining the insultative power of both shades of meaning above.
a) "Holy Shit!!! The chode is real! It exists! I saw it with my own eyes!--Wait...how the hell can he have meaningful sex with that???"

b) "After that marathon, I had to use an abrasive to remove my chode scum because the bath just didn't do the job."

c) "Dude, that kid complements the professor so much it makes me sick--he's such a chode-slurper!"
by loki7 June 21, 2006

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