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An open-source, free, operating system developed by the openSUSE Project based off Linux. The GUI for openSUSE is often either KDE, or GNOME. openSUSE is often a good alternative for rather old systems, with generally easy usage.
The box said "requires windows ME or better..." so I upgraded to openSUSE!
by loki1717 December 26, 2008
A misspoken mix between 'Impersonate' and 'Imposter'. First coined in 2008 by Cameron Haskins.

V.-To assume the character or appearance of, especially fraudulently.
Tim, look! That guy is totally trying to imposternate you.
by loki1717 August 19, 2008
A subject so cute that you have to swear upon hearing or seeing it.
Mary: Take a look at my new puppy!
John: Oh shit.
Sarah: She is so adorabull!
by loki1717 July 04, 2009
(n.)A true statement that severely disrupts a conversation.
Mary: So, I was thinking about going out with that Craig guy.
Sarah: He's a pretty good guy, I've hung out with him a few times.
Bill: I've never had anything against him.
Al: He's my neighbor and is a registered sex offender.
Bill: Great job on that factbomb.
by loki1717 July 04, 2009

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