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Psuedo-Scientific name for the term, "creationism", describing an unfound speculation that God created life on Earth as it exists today. Proponents believe life is too complex to have evolved, even given hundreds of millions of years.

The only people who support Intelligent Design are the deeply religious and crackpot "scientists" with fake, store-bought doctorates from unaccredited Christian colleges.

Despite being rejected in the science community for over 200 years, many christians insist on having creationism taught in our public schools.

Intelligent Design is not science, nor should it be respected as such. Its a children's fable, not unlike saying babies come from the stork.
Kent Hovind, the most well-known "righteous" Christian proponent of Intelligent Design is currently serving 10 years in prison for tax evasion.
by logylogylogy October 16, 2007

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