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One of the best, hidden neighborhoods in the country. Located in the heart of Pacific Palisades, this small area rivals Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, the Riviera, Bel Air, etc. Actually, it's better than all those over-advertised housing areas.
Has its own elite dog park- the owners will actually kick you out if you aren't a resident.
Victoria and David Beckham looked into living there- fortunately they went the mainstream direction.
Houses all include pools, tennis courts, guest houses, fountains, ocean views, three-car garages (with the range rover and mercedes parked).
Prices are 2 million through 10 million.
"Have you heard about Karen and Mark's new house?"

"Oh, they finally bought that 5mil one in Beverly Hills?"

"No, the children wanted to attend St. Matthews, so they bought Adam Sandler's old 6mil house in the Huntington Palisades."

"How sweet! That's walking distance from Baskin Robbins."
by localllllllll November 26, 2007
one of the luckiest people in the world: a resident of Pacific Palisades, CA.

How to spot a palisadian:
Under 13 years: Wearing true religions, lacoste polo, blond hair, thin, carrying a Robeks smoothie
Between 13 and 18 years: If male, skateboarding with surfer-longhair. Most likely weed in the back pocket. Probably hanging on the village green, attending Pali high or marymount, loyola, harvard-westlake, or windward. If female: fresh manicure, hair blow-dry, clothes from Fred Segal, blond, beautiful.
Adult: Blond, beautiful, wearing yoga clothes, freshly done hair and nails, pushing high-end baby stroller
"Have you seen those Palisadian moms?"
"Yeah, I'm taking Nancy to prom."

by localllllllll November 26, 2007
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