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The best fucking band in the world. Period.
... Forsaken in The Dark Eternal Night with my Endless Sacrifice to a Dance Of Eternity. I will rise Another Day to be In The Presence of Enemies, and then Lie to You Not Me. I' Burning My Soul in Hell's Kitchen while begging In The Name Of God to Just Let Me Breathe and Take Away My Pain. If you try to Pull Me Under, I will Raise The Knife and make you The Root Of All Evil. As I Am like Perfect Strangers to you, I will give you a Goodnight Kiss before you Disappear and get somebody to to see Through My Words .. because It's Only A Matter Of Time before I end up Beyond This Life just like A Fatal Tragedy with a Strange Deja Vu. Take a look at yourself .. in The Mirror. That's Dream Theater.
by loathsome.us August 07, 2007

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