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An epidemic currently sweeping the nation. Common in pre-teen and teenage girls, Bieber Fever is a condition involving obsession with the rising pop star, Justin Bieber.

Common symptoms include; obsessive conversation, obsessive poster hanging, as well as obsessive stalking. Peer pressure causes many to succumb to Bieber Fever, and thirteen year old girls are at the highest risk for this condition.

If your daughter or son displays any interest in this baby-faced good guy, please do your part to stop this unfortunate epidemic, based on the infatuation of our youth.
Susan: My daughter Jenny looks dazed all the time, and she cannot stop listening to "Baby".

Cheryl: Same with my Destiny, she keeps speaking to all of these Justin Bieber posters in her room.

Susan: Its time for intervention, looks like our girls have BIEBER FEVER!!!!!
by lmnop16 April 23, 2010

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