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3 definitions by lmaoprobs

Short for probably, usually used in a sarcastic mannor to be indirect about the point you're actually trying to make.
Nathan: Are you going to english?
Max: Cuz i probs am going to english!
Nathan: So you are?
Max: Probs am though arn't I!
Nathan: Right...
by lmaoprobs January 15, 2010
When a very promiscuous/slagy person types something about how they love themself andtry and get attention about it.
Nicole: I love my tan and the tight white top is booming :)
James: Off into the garden to tan his six pack ;)

Nathan: Have you seen James and Nicole slagttention seeking?
Max: Yeah, probs like them alot?
Nathan and Max: LOL
by lmaoprobs March 03, 2010
blending the words sarcastic and acronym.
When you turn a sarcastic phrase such as probs and turn it into an acronym
Nathan: alright son
Max: P.L.Y.A (Probs like you alot)
Nathan: Ahhh i see, good use of sacronym there
Max: Probs
by lmaoprobs March 03, 2010