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Despite everyone thinking were all a bunch of rich snobs from New York Long Island is a pretty mixed place in some areas or a bunch of white douchebags in others. Assholes from Southwestern Suffolk wish they lived in the east end and people in Nassua wished they lives in the city. Some people are obseesed with their dumbass boats or clamming or lagoons wherever they are and some smoke pot behind Dunkin Donuts at three in the morning. The girls are obsessed with there Coach bags and monogram wallets and guys with their Nike Dunks or Vans. The white people call towns like North Lindenhurst, Copiague, and Freeport "the ghetto" and the Hispanic people in those areas agree even if they own three million pairs of Jordans, sidekicks, iPods, and Gucci sunglasses. Like zero amount of Asians but alot live in Kings County. Half the Island doesnt know where China or Brazil is and most like to call themselves Italian when they look pale pasty Irish/German all over. A bunch of fake Italian/Chinese/Mexican/Japanese restaurants dot the area.

If You Live On Long Island Chances Are You're...

Annoying Emo
Skater dude
Wannabe Skater dude
Acid tripping skaters
Preppy girl
Preppy guy
Douchbag Preppy guy
Ugly preppy girl
Wannabe Italiano/a
Trashy Bridge and Tunnel crowd (transplants from New Jersey)
Meterosexual Sicilian

Meterosexual Hispanic
Meterosexual Polish/Czech/Russian/Ukrainian/Belarussian/Croatian
Meterosexual Asian
Those people that wear "Kiss Me I'm Irish" tees/sweats
Annoying American white girls who are obsessed with Hollister and their GPAs and going to Princeton
Wannabe MS13/Latin King gangsters
Wannabe Crips/Bloods gangster
Wannabe Born To Kill gangster
Nike Dunk wearing Dominican loser
Pot smokers
Screamo band person
Mike: Hey Heather where are you from?

Heather: Long Island

Mike: I know a guy there he was a douchebag who drove a Ferari.
by llola July 20, 2009
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