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A smoregasm is basically the best freaking drink ever created.

Consists of marachino cherries, mountain dew, and triple sec.

the name is because the creators made in honor of a friend they were with that weekend.

when done properly, it looks like a sunset:]

Was created by lizardfuel and dirtyho.
Bet you wish you knew them:]


Get an empty water bottle.
Pour in the triple sec first so your parents don't know that you used it:] don't worry when you pour water back in, it'll mix eventually.

Next put in the cherry juice/ cherries. Approximately 6 will do. Don't spill on the counter:]

Finally, you fill up the rest of the bottle with mountain dew.
Any kind, the original was made with regular.

Made with livewire, it's called a Latvian Sunset.
Made with code red, it's called an Emergency Tampon.
Made with regular, it's the one and only SMOREGASM.
Enjoy yourselves.
"Hey dirtyho, pass that smoregasm over here."


"Oh my gawd, Gray Ham. You have to try this smoregasm."
by lizardho May 03, 2008

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