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the grim reapers pet squirrel a flying death machine thats built to reap the souls of all whom the reaper misses by the way it kills dogs the most don't ask me why I thought it would be a cat or something but anywho....IT WILL ASSASSINTE YOU WILL ULLTIMATE SQUIRRLEY WRATH
doom squirrel is the dooom and chaos in the world so beware the squrrel man BEWARE IT'S SQUIRRELY WRATH OR DIE!!!!!
#squirrel #death #doom #grim reaper #squirrely wrath
by lizard0004 February 11, 2008
trillions of battle manatees all in a losing war agins boats also not related in any way to man o' war NONE YOU HEAR ME NO RELATION by the way these go a lot faster than a regular battle manatee they have better armor as well not to metion they can take out a well armored SUBMARINE WITH ONE VOLLEY OF MANATEE FURY!!!!
the manatees o' war will destroy you and crush your boat with their vegitarian wrath!
#battle manatee #death #manatee #the grim reaper #cows
by lizard0004 February 08, 2008
A manatee with spiked battle armor ready to kill AAAALLLLLL!
a battle manatee is a manatee in a bloody dooom jousting compotition
#mannatee #vegitarian #battlearmor #death #cows
by lizard0004 February 06, 2008
one of the only vegiarian sharks it's pimpin cause it can swallow you whole
whaleshark duh the whaleshark will eat you man!!!!!
#shark #whale #dooom #ulltimate power #vegitarian
by lizard0004 February 06, 2008
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