3 definitions by lizaah

Common mispelling you would actually type/spell if you were actually masturbating for an extended period of time.

That's right,all I did all day was mastubate to repeated Star Trek episodes! Ohhhh gggggod,beam me up Scotty!
by lizaah May 07, 2006
A flirty term used to describe a hot/sexy/attractive woman.Similar to beefcakefor a male,but more flattering.
She was sexually stunning....a ladycake.
by lizaah February 06, 2006
-A male or female who can easily pick up women.

-A person regardless of sexual orientation with a preference for ladycake.

-A term used to describe someone who is dating more than two women at once.
"That Shane from The L Word? She is such a ladycakester!"

"Tom is a total ladycakester! He has another date with Sue but she doesn't know he's seeing Betty and Wilma."
by lizaah June 11, 2008

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