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A great high school filled with respectful students who would not steal out of a teachers purse if she left the room (unlike other known schools) students who are well educated. Have great SAT scores. Can have one on one relationships with the teachers. Can come to school safe knowing they won't be hurt. Don't have to worry about gangs. No pregnancies here. Yes people are better off ( money wise) than most. YET are not all millionaires. And not everyone make 600,000 a year. .. like one person said. People at langley don't judge. People judge you for going to Langley. ( I never knew my parents working hard and working their way up on the job scale was a bad thing... ) People are generally nice to one another. No big time cliques,, everyone coexists. In addition, we could care less about the rivalry of McLean in all honest... its McLean who makes such a big deal... BTW if you go to McLean you are better off than most people in the world too.... So don't you dare make assumptions about me driving my Honda to school when you drive your BMW to McLean. We are ALL fortunate!! and that is nothing to be ashamed of... just saying.
Girl- Hi where do you go to school..
Me- Langley high school how about you?
Girl- school name

Me- Oh cool!
Girl- oooh you go to Langley....
Me- yeah (thinks in head... u trying to start something )
by livinglife1 September 20, 2011

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