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One of the coolest girls ever. Has golden hair and brown eyes. Is funny but a bit dramatic. I love her to death, she is one of my best friends. Is a big dreamer and likes to travel. Overall she's an amazing and awesome girl.
Savannah: I'm not having my party if Julia can't come. It wouldnt be fun without her.
by livelaughlovesummerbabe June 21, 2010
A bisexual man stealing whore. Thinks she's better than everyone else. Has a huge nose and is just ugly. Picks on people for no reason. A dumbass ugly slut who dresses like a teacher. Also does not care about other people's feelings.
Jules: yeah that slut Kaitlin keeps trying to steal my boyfriend. I hate her.

Anna: Watch your back, that kaitlin is an ugly whore. She won't care if someone has a girlfriend or not, she thinks everyone loves her. I hate her too.
by livelaughlovesummerbabe June 21, 2010
A pathetic annoying bitch. Cant shutup. Hates people for no reason. An overall scumbag.
Mariah: Yeah kim just keeps calling me ugly for no reason and now shes ganging up on Rachel
me: Well she is a bitch. she's ganged up on me too before.
by livelaughlovesummerbabe June 21, 2010

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