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1 definition by littlemisssun

Rach's are people that love almost everybody and are loved by almost everyone. Rach's are always happy and attractive people both inside and out. They are often shy on first impressions. However, open up to be some of the bubbliest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. They are often extremely artistic and are passionate in expressing their feelings to the people they love and trust. They appreciate good taste and art. They care a lot about fashion. Rach is an abbreviation of the name Rachel. This means 'innocence of a lamb'. No matter how innocent, they are also strong and very sensitive when it comes to the people they care about. You wouldn't want to cross a Rach. They are extremely good friends, people you wouldn't want to lose.
That girl is so sweet, compassionate, alluring, and humbly never notices that she is so great. She must be a Rach! Or at least a Rachel!
by littlemisssun April 12, 2010