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A codeword, used by Rainbows and Lot Kids of the music festival/hippie scene, to heed warning of mounted police officers (police officers on horseback) in the area.

Police often ride horseback in larger hippie-gatherings such as Rothbury Music Festival and most Rainbow Gatherings, so as to parole large spans of land in a reasonable amount of time.

The term "g up gitty up" is designed to help unsuspecting hippies who are holding drugs, without incriminating yourself.
Dreaddy: "6 up gitty up!!!"

Spreadhead: "Oh shit! 6 up gitty upppp!!!"

Lot Kid: "Shit, I gotta hide these fucking doses"
by littlehemp April 12, 2010
Short for "family prices". The term is used by hippies and music festival attendees to assure potential customers (custies) that the products being sold (shirts, jewelry, drugs, etc.) are at fair, almost family-like, prices.

However, majority of the hippies using this term sell their products over-priced and often times unreasonably high. It is a deceptive term to those unfamiliar with the Festival scene, making individuals feel as though they're getting a good deal when in reality they're getting ripped-off.

The term is very ironic, being that it is supposed to signify a person's family-like actions when selling a product; the truth of the matter is that the seller is tricking the customer and portraying very non-family-like behavior.
"I got headie boomers! Fam prices!"

"Posters, patches, shirts... FAM PRICES!!!"
by littlehemp June 12, 2010
A place of work (for those on tour). Here you will find many hippies trying their damnedest to sell: ganja snacks, hemp jewelry, and bunk doses to unsuspecting custies.
"My friend got his tank confiscated in lot"

"I bought this shirt for $10 in lot!!!"
by littlehemp July 28, 2009

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