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a course you are required to take in high school, usually after Algebra. Extremely boring, not to mention difficult for most people. You will never have to use the things you learned about in class in your future career. In other words, GEOMETRY IS A ROYAL WASTE OF TIME.
The skills you learn about and practice in Geometry class will only be useful to you if you decide to become a Geometry teacher. If that sounds pointless and stupid to you, well, welcome to high school!
by little-mouse July 07, 2010
on the Gorillaz-Unofficial Mb, users write f.un because if they type in "fun", the word filter will automatically change it to fuck.

can also be written fu.n, fu*n, f~un.. etc.
User 1: why do you guys always put dots in the word fuck?
User 1: oh.
User 2: f.un times
by little-mouse July 07, 2010

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