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a variation of the standard houdini sex act. Perform sex in a doggy-style position, and instead of faking ejaculating on the lady's back as you would in a houdini, you actually do ejaculate. When she turns around, you give her a right hook to the jaw.

Not very nice, but neither is a houdini.
Top points were given to the man who could pull off the most double houdinis and get away with it.
by lipenaar May 14, 2006
an enjoyable game that is played on dancefloors with ugly women. A man begins dancing in close proximity to an ugly woman, and after putting his arms around her, proceeds to whisper in her ear "You are the ugliest girl I've ever seen." At this point she will try to free herself, and the challenge is to hold onto her as long as possible.
Cowpat won rodeo rit that night, as the girl's friends were needed to help remove him from that unfortunate ugly girl.
by lipenaar May 14, 2006
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