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ROFL Whilst Eating Cornflakes
sammy13: LOL check out the ROFLsection on Urban Dictionary
linuxguru1: ROFLFLAKES
sammy13: U eatin cornflakes?
linuxguru1: Yea, I'm havin breakfast :)
by linuxguru March 30, 2008
ROFL Into The Path Of An Oncoming Truck That Is About To Hit Me
Sammy13: yo wassup?
Linux Guru: I'm dyin... u?
sammy13: just back from a cycling trip.
sammy13: how come u dying? cuz I'm online? xD
Linux Guru: no cuz I played audiosurf ALL FUCKIN night long and I only slept 30 minutes >-<
sammy13: LMFAO XD
sammy13: ROFLCAKES
Linux Guru: -_-
Linux Guru: u sent me my own destruction
sammy13: XD
Linux Guru: ?
sammy13: ROFL into the path of an oncoming truck that is about to hit me
by linuxguru March 30, 2008
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