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An abbreviation of the year 2010. It follows a pattern that started in 2000 by abbreviating the year 2K, then 2K1, all the way until 2K9. In order to keep the term 3 characters long, though, X, the roman numeral for 10, is used instead of the actual number.

2KX, aside from the X, has NOTHING to do with Roman numerals. Writing 2010 in Roman numerals would give you MMX.
Some person may think it looks cool if they write 2KX, even though companies who made the "2K" saying catch on are just going with 2K10 this year.
by linebeginstoblur January 01, 2010
(n.) Loose monetary change, named after the 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama, whose campaign used the buzzword "change" very often in order to sway voters to his party.
You can hear me coming from across the room with all this obama in my pocket.

Your total today is $9.59, and since you paid $10, your obama is 41¢.
by linebeginstoblur November 02, 2009

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