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A software or hardware musical tool that allows you to lay down a sequence of notes over a series of measure(s).

It's commonly abused in conjunction with an arpeggiator by the musically uneducated.
Unclean fool: d00d u hav 2 see wut i jus made in FL studio!

Me: It's not just the same three chords arpeggiated over and over in the sequencer in 4/4 time is it? Please don't tell me the rhythm is just a bass drum playing pure quarter notes!

Unlcean fool: ...huh? maybe... :(
by lilwangster May 21, 2011
What happens when you see a snorg-tees ad.
I can't believe I just got a total ad-boner. I'm still not buying a shirt but that girl is totally showing cameltoe! :)
by lilwangster May 21, 2011
When stupid people won't stop talking about Shia LaBeouf they are said to have shiarrhea.
Airhead 1: OMG! Shia is sooo hawwwwt in Transformers!

Airhead 2: I knoooowww rigghhhtttt?

Me: Mmm yeah we need to get you some pepto airhead #1. You've totally got shiarrhea.

*Airhead 2 points and laughs*

*Airhead 1 turns red*
by lilwangster May 21, 2011

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