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A gang that started in Southern California but has spread to Seattle, Washington.
The SUR 13's turf is right by the Crips and Disciples in South Seattle by Renton.
by lilnative January 24, 2009
A gang that resides in West Seattle, around White Center.
Person 1:You see those cars outside of White Center?

Person 2: Yea the Sureno gang Florencia must be in there
by lilnative January 24, 2009
A hood area in Southside Seattle. Many blacks live there but you can find almost any race there, lots of gangs in and around ranier.
Person 1:
You hear about that shooting at Ranier Avenue yesterday?
Person 2: Yea i saw that shit on the news
by lilnative January 24, 2009
A gang in the suburb Federl Way just South of Seattle. SOS means "Sons of Somoa"
Last night I saw the SOS run in with the Hoovers down in Federal Way.
by lilnative January 24, 2009

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