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a person that usually resides in the bay area that tries to force you to live under their rules of life and can't understand why you hate them. they also think its still the 1960's and havent had a hair cut or bath since then.
If that hippie liberal douche bag trys to peel 1 bumber sticker off the back of their Volvo it'll fall apart.
by lil connor the anchor February 19, 2006
a person who is, a) inbred b)missing some sort of body part or c) ruins all family photos. this person can be found rooting around in any dumpster or landfill.the only job a fuckup like this can get is either a sideshow freak or sweeping up in the local Mcdonalds parking lot.
I cant beleive that genetic mess upstairs had the balls to cuss out my wife, i wonder if he sucks his mommas cock with that toothless mouth.

My brother is such a genetic mess we had to cut him out of the family photos so the dog would stop licking its ass.
by lil connor the anchor February 20, 2006
a child of mexican blood born to border jumping parents usually born on the floor of an am pm gas station just north of the mexican border. aka texico baby, chevron baby, you get the picture
that god damn lil motherfucker you just know he is a arco baby to bad he wont be deported with his parents
by lil connor the anchor September 28, 2007
aslo know as t-bagging but the gargler is gargling your junk
Yo! this bitch was ball gargling me lastnight and i thought i was gone cum all over her forehead from the rhythmic vibrations of her throat.
by lil connor the anchor March 09, 2006
sandles or open toes shoes worn by the liberal losers you see in most health food stores. the ironic thing is they rarely beleive in god or jesus but instead think a tree will have all the answers for them
Dude! did you see that nasty hippie with the jesus cleats. She was so dirty i thought she was wearing combat boots.
by lil connor the anchor March 09, 2006
a phrase that is said whenever there is a bad outcome in any venture. also, something would not be a very good sight at any party.
the boss asking for my piss sample will go over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl
by lil connor the anchor March 09, 2006
these are the idiots you see in white shirts,ties and queer little helmets riding mountain bikes to other mormons homes
i damn near killed and mormon motorcycle gang pulling into my driveway this afternoon
by lil connor the anchor March 09, 2006
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