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3 definitions by lidocaine

This is what the average teenage girl calls a mastectomy
My grandma just had a double breastectomy--she got her boobs chopped off!
by lidocaine February 03, 2010
A handheld optical device that is used to make objects appear bigger than they really are, or to enhance detail. They are the next step after bifocals. It is like a magnifying glass...oh wait, it IS a magnifying glass.
I couldn't read the microscopic instructions on the side of the anti-wrinkle cream, even with my glasses. I finally went and got the bigger-ma-jigger and VOILA!!!!, like magic, I could see that I wasn't winning the fight against old age.
by lidocaine February 20, 2010
A moleculite is something that your body needs to survive. You need to replace lost moleculites after strenous activity, often by drinking sports drinks. Most people call them electrolytes.
After a volleyball game..."Mom, can you go buy me some Poweraid--I need to replace my moleculites."
by lidocaine February 03, 2010