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male submissive in gay or straight relationship who does housework in return for humiliation, sexually degrading acts etc rather than money payment. Some house boys do the work without reward (it's its own reward being spoken to sternly by your mistress); some are basically sex slaves. House boys can be 'live in' or more usually are expected to come in on a regular basis. So, for example, a man in an otherwise straight relationship might seek to 'moonlight' as a house boy for a group of female students etc.
When Gemma and Becky came back from lectures early, they caught Alan the 35 year house boy furtively masturbating over Hannah's high heeled shoes again.
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
A middle class young woman from Cheltenham or somewhere similar who looks like she'd be strict in bed and probably enjoys having her arse licked out by working class men. Lady Hannahs are tall, slim and upper class in a horny way.
Lady Hannah rode his rough untutored tongue with her arse all night, urging him on with a short riding crop (in his dreams).
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
male submissive who gets sexual pleasure from serving women's feet and shoes. Being a shoe bitch implies that some woman tacitly or actively goes along with this. Which means that there are probably more would-be shoe bitches than actual practising ones. Favourite shoes are usually fetishy - heels and patent leather etc., but real shoe bitches get off equally on Converse trainers or skate shoes.
Hannah: are you my shoe bitch, sweetie?
Rob (looking up from kissing Hannah's Converse): I love serving your feet and your shoes, darling Lady Hannah.
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
Labia, the external parts of the female genitalia, pissflaps etc.
Hannah's hairy ladylips shone like ruby gold in the evening sun.
by lickytongue July 17, 2008
it means arse in old-fashioned gay slang used so that policemen and others wouldn't know what was being talked about.
doing the dishes - buggering
licking his dish - analingus
dirty dishes - arses that have been buggered
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
a girl cock is a clitoris
I'm going to suck your lips and lick your sweet cunt until your pretty little girl cock vibrates with pleasure.
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
promounced 'uss-uff' - is what sailor's used to take to sea with them (because they couldn't take their wives or girlfriends). Namely a sewing kit - for making repairs to clothes.
Got your housewife, Jack?
by lickytongue April 30, 2008

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