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From the bond movie "Goldeneye". She is a sexy female henchman who could put a tight squeeze around her victims with her legs. Squeezing them to death
Xenia: Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp
Bond: .....Onatopp?
by lfletch1 May 07, 2007
Refers to the villian Auric Goldfinger in the bond film "Goldfinger". Obsessed with gold, he tries to take control of the gold industry by blowing up Fort Knox.
The kiss of death, from Mr. Goldfinger
by lfletch1 May 07, 2007
A movie in the James Bond series. The movie title "The Man With The Golden Gun" refers to the villian of the movie Fransico Scaramanga. He is a hitman who used a golden gun with golden bullets to take out his victims. In the movie he was nick-named "The man with the golden gun."
M: James what do you know about Francisco Scaramanga?
Bond: yes, the man with the golden gun.
by lfletch1 May 07, 2007
From the bond movie "A View to a Kill". Mayday was a female henchmen who was a strong muscular black women. She found out she was being used and in the end ended up helping bond.
If you played the N64 Goldeneye, you may remember her as an unlockable character. Mayday
by lfletch1 May 07, 2007
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