1 definition by lexiilove

2 main things....

1) a white person who is trying to act black
AKA- black on the inside but white on the outside
2)a yummy delicious cookie where they switch it..there is a white cookie and black cream inside.(normally it is black cookie and white frosting but...)
1) Me: why do u wanna be an UH-OH OREO???u look like a complete idiot!?!?!??!
Boy: yo yo yo it is cool though
Me: wow.....

2)Me: gosh i sure do love oreos!!!
Some random guy: i like uh oh Oreos better
Me: what are those
guy: ?????
Me: well...
Guy: white cookie on the outside and black frosting on the inside...YUM!
by lexiilove April 25, 2007

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