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3 definitions by lewcocoug

An ambiguous perceived ailment some co-workers have, whereas receiving repeated benefit of the doubt on their abilities, one comes to the conclusion they MUST be sick, but it's a bit more permanent than that.
Uhhh, I think his condition is a little more permanent than a flu, he has permaflu.
by lewcocoug May 06, 2009
Dufusitis is a persistant, apparent brain disorder affecting rational, functional, logical thoughts, typically during support calls. Key symptoms of dufusitis; repeated samples accompanied by stubbornness, short-sightedness and selfishness.
Man, that customer called again on the same issue-that's 3 days in a row, they must be suffering from dufusitis.
by lewcocoug May 01, 2009
When you ask someone to, instead of doing it yourself, to put it in an email or enter it into the system...instead of filling out the paperwork, you are requiring them to fill out emails or online forms (paperwork).
Dude, can't you just email me? Fill out the proper vaporwork and I will get back to you.
by lewcocoug May 20, 2009