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n : The experience of thinking that you have heard something before.

It is an illusion of having already heard something which in actual fact it is being heard for the first time.
French : deja, already + entendu, heard

An impression of having heard something before: Hey i'm feeling a bit of deja entendu while listening to this new Britney Spears song.
by levinet May 21, 2005
The "Big McFish Mac" is a custom burger created by the all mighty Jono. It's a regular BigMac with two Fish-O-Fish patties added to the burger.

It's a huge burger and a sickening sight to watch the master of it's creation slowly devour it.

If you want a Big McFish Mac then go to your local McDonalds and order a BigMac with 2 fish patties on it (don't let them remove the beef).
Holy f*ck that Big McFish Mac looks disgusting!
Hi, can I have a Big McFish Mac please?
by levinet May 24, 2005

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