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vfxy – vee-ef-EX-eee (Comparative vfxier; Superlative vfxiest). Origin: 21st century,
from combination of modern abbreviation ‘visual effects’ (late Latin visualis + effectus)
and ‘sexy’ (from 14th century French sexe, or directly from Latin sexus).

1.The most comprehensive directory of visual effects-related information on the internet, photoblog community and visual related news.

1.Artfully executed; highly appealing or arousing; sensual (in describing visual effects or visual work of art):
2.Containing an impressive quantity of visual effects or work of art.
You’ve got to check out VFXY, it is so cool.
The Mystique character in the Xmen wasn’t just well done, she was downright vfxy!
The Lord of the Rings films were quite vfxy.
His photoblog is really vfxy.
by Leova September 21, 2007
1. Short/cute version of name Lev.
2. Abbreviation for Lev Extra Ordinary Visual Artist.
1. My name is Leova.
by leova January 28, 2005
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