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the man who can literally disassemble the space station in under fifteen minutes, albeit only known to few fortunate ones.
A: Man, my laptop's graphic chip just got fried into raw silicon
B: Only lathi would know how to turn it back into something useful

A: I dont know what to do! This crap is beyond me
B: if only we could find lathi
A: yeah, thats what she said
by lemoncake November 19, 2012
An emo who works as a chef. ie. The type of person who REALLY shouldn't be near knifes.
Person 1: Hey did you see Drew?
Person 2: OMG yeah, he's such an emo!
Person 1: Can't believe he works in a kitchen with all those knives...
Person 2: Yeah, surprised he's not suicided yet. He's such an emochef!
Person 1: Touche'
by LemonCake September 15, 2005
To say or do a stupid
"When I first saw that text I had forgotten what we were talking about and I was like woah what the hell"
"lol, dem brain farts"
by Lemoncake August 15, 2015

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