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2 definitions by lemonb45

Very pretty girl, and very goofy and fun-loving! She is a really nice girl, but if you push her buttons she can over-react. But if she did something wrong, she will feel the most sorry person in the world. Just as I said, very goofy girl. It's easy to make a good relationship with her, but some people take her goofiness to seriously and sometimes get mad at her. But she never means to hurt someone. Great girl!
Person 1: Hey, that girl who's really nice and funny, do you know her?
Person 2: No, But she sounds like a Aliza!
by lemonb45 June 23, 2013
Beautiful, sweet, amazing, innocent, caring person you will ever meet. Caring about others all the time, and if something goes wrong she's always by your side. A very powerful woman, but can sometimes doubt herself. She is always loyal and has a good edge to her, and a good humor at that. Outstanding girl, beautiful inside and out. :)
I just love elizabeth so much, she's so great.
by lemonb45 June 24, 2013